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Lots of information about TechiE/N that is probably only mildly interesting Tim 
Okay, so assuming I know anything about normal technology related sites, I would say that TechiE/N is absolutely nowhere near normal. That's where this page comes in. It's here to fill you in on what exactly TechiE/N is, why it's here, and what you can expect from it. If, after you've read this page, you have any more questions about the site, feel free to contact me through the message center.

So, what kind of site IS TechiE/N, exactly?
- TechiE/N is roughly a combination between a technology site and an E/N site.

Uh, okay, but what's an E/N site?
- E/N sites (short for Everything/Nothing) are the category that, for example, blogs would fall under. They're usually run by one person, or sometimes a small group, and cover just about everything, but nothing in particular. Basically, people who run E/N sites post about whatever the hell they feel like posting, covering any topic they might be interested in. They're also usually highly opinionated, frequently filled with ranting and generally biased opinions.

Ah, so TechiE/N is just an E/N site with a more specific topic?
- Pretty much. Anything and everything technology related is fair game for this site, but occasionally other stuff will pop up. This is what the "Whatever" category is for.

Why did you start this site?
- Basically, because I was sick of running game related sites that were unbiased and covering absolutely everything for everyone. I just wanted to cover stuff that I was interested in, and rant my brains out without fear of repercussions. I was also sick of trying to keep up on all the latest news. Frankly, I've lost interest in the video game industry, but I still enjoy playing games casually - meaning, I couldn't care less what company just announced or released what game, or which system is selling the most, or who is going to win the "console war." I just want to play my games and have fun. Keeping up to date on every nuance of the industry was sucking the life out of gaming and making it more of a chore than a hobby. Then, when I started paying less attention to games, I started really getting into DVDs. I decided that I'd open a site that is more laid back than my previous efforts, and cover more than just games. I decided on games, movies, (both theatre and DVD) computers, and whatever else I might feel like ranting about.

How often do you update?
- Whenever I feel like it. I make no claims to update daily, nor do I make any claim to have all the latest news all the time. I just post what I want, when I want. This way, running the site is always on my terms and doesn't become a chore.

And finally, what's in store for the future?
- I have no idea. I'm still working on getting the site off the ground in the first place! Eventually, depending on the traffic this place gets, a forum or something might be opened... I'll also probably let some friends start posting updates as well. About all I can say is hang around and see what develops!

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