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Quote of the Moment
The Internet treats censorship as a malfunction and routes around it. -- John Perry Barlow
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Quote of the Moment - 3:11 PM EST on 6/20/2003
Programming is like sex. One mistake, and you have to support it for the rest of your life. -- Michael Sinz

Quote of the Moment - 2:18 AM EST on 6/11/2003
I need a new god damn quote! -- Tim

Quote of the Moment - 2:14 PM EST on 1/8/2003
This computer makes me all frowny with pure nougat-filled hatred! -- Jhonen Vasquez

Quote of the Moment - 2:12 PM EST on 1/8/2003
The Internet "browser" ... is the piece of software that puts a message on your computer screen informing you that the Internet is currently busy and you should try again later. -- Dave Barry

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