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This is Techi E/N after all... Alan 
Posted by: Alan at 1:26 PM EST on 1/28/2003
File Under: Whatever

Blah, I hate this.

I was talking to this girl on AIM, we exchanged photos, then she blocks me. I know I'm ugly, but jesus christ. Anyone want to console me? Hit me up on AIM AMG19610. :(

Anyways, in GameCube news... I'm playing Eternal Darkness. Freaking incredible, and available at Best Buy for only 19.99.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Review Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 12:03 AM EST on 1/28/2003
File Under: Movies -> Cinema -> Review

As a fan of off-center films, I have to say that I'm thoroughly impressed with Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. This is especially encouraging, considering not only the fact that it is Sam Rockwell's first time in a lead role, but also George Clooney's directorial debut. You would think it would be tough to make a semi-ficticious story about a gameshow producer who moonlights as a CIA assassin come across as intelligent, but somehow, they've managed - much thanks to yet another great screenplay by Charlie Kauffman, who also wrote Being John Malkovich and Adaptation.

Wait, what? A game show producer who moonlights as a CIA assassin? SEMI-ficticious? Yes, you read correctly. The movie is actually based on the autobiography of Chuck Barris, creator of such "quality" television programming as The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game, and The Gong Show. In an effort to apparently spice up his life story, he included details in his book about being recruited by the CIA to carry out covert assassinations - often while on vacation, chaperoning the winners of The Dating Game. The strangest part? Nobody has ever been able to debunk his claims, outrageous as they are.

Anyway, I'm not going to bore you with the usual movie review spiel of summarizing the plot, spoiling the best parts, and discussing how emotionally involved you become with the characters. What you want to know is if you should go see this movie, and I'm just going to respond with a resounding YES! Here's why:

First, despite being his first time directing, George Clooney does a pretty damn good job, as he manages to fill the movie with some well-crafted sequences. For example, one scene shows Chuck as he walks into the NBC lobby, sees a pretty girl giving a tour, and promptly asks how to apply for a Page position. Seconds later, he reenters the frame while leading a tour in full uniform. The shot lasts a little bit longer as it pans over to show Chuck overhearing the same cute girl describing what she really wants in a man. The best part? All this is shown seamlessly, never cutting away. While slightly disorenting at first, I found this shot to be an extremely unique and effective way of showing the passage of time. The only thing I didn't really like about Clooney's directing is when it cut away to interviews with people Chuck knew, especially since these scenes had such a horribly overexposed look. But whatever... They weren't a big deal, and included a few interesting tidbits.

Second, the acting is all up to snuff. Sam Rockwell is completely convincing as Chuck, Drew Barrymore is perfectly cute and bubbly as Penny, and George Clooney and Julia Roberts are certainly adequate in their smaller supporting roles. (Oh, and look out for cameos by Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Fred Savage as well.)

Finally, the script is incredibly intelligent and downright hilarious at many points. It's especially commendable that the movie takes Chuck Barris for his word, and though the question of whether or not he really did work for the CIA is raised, it's not directly given much attention. Instead, it's left to the audience to decide what they want to believe. This gives the whole movie a very surreal feel. Like a dream, everything that goes on makes sense as it's happening, but once you "wake up" and think about what you just saw, the whole thing just seems preposterous. I like that feeling.

Final Verdict: Highly Recommended. With the unique premise of a game show producer leading a double life as a CIA assassin, the mystery of whether or not it's a true story, a smart and funny script, solid directing, and good acting all around, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind provides a hugely entertaining, albeit surreal, ride. If you enjoy films with unusual plots and aren't afraid to think a little, you'd do well to check this one out.

Shinobi - Thank You Sega! Blueblur 
Posted by: Blueblur at 11:15 PM EST on 1/27/2003
File Under: Games -> PlayStation 2 -> Quickview

After Nightfire turned out to be pretty average and frustrating, I returned it with renewed hope that I'd find Shinobi at Blockbuster. And indeed, I did. I've heard a few things about Shinobi. One being that the gameplay is repetitive and two, the game is incredibly hard. Regardless, I put the disc in my PS2's disc tray with eager anticipation--even though I had to leave for work within 15 minutes!

Well, after completing the first stage I had nothing but love for Sega's new Shinobi. Not only is the gameplay tight; its old school. Ah, my favorite kind. I totally dig the gameplay, music, and difficulty. Finally, a challenge! I have to thank Overworks for an excellent game. They've made me a Shinobi fan, though you won't find me going back to play the old games--I suck at those.

Now, let's see if I can get more time in my busy schedule to get on to stage 4-B!

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy - It Had Potential Blueblur 
Posted by: Blueblur at 3:51 PM EST on 1/25/2003
File Under: Games -> PlayStation 2 -> Quickview

Well, I just got a PS2 for my birthday and I decided I'd pick up at least one of the Greatest Hits games. Being the platformer fan that I am, I picked up Jak and Daxter.

I considered it a good buy until I realized how stale it can get. Now, I'm not saying that its complete garbage or anything like that, but its no Mario or Sonic. I don't how the guys at Naughty Dog didn't notice that their main character is practically mute and that the music is as lifeless as a rock as these are my biggest complaints.

A good platformer definitely needs a good hero, but its really hard to like Jak when he never says anything or shows any emotion at all. If you ask me, too much emphasis was put on Daxter. Besides all that, the overall game design is slightly lacking.

I'm still going to give the game a chance though. Hopefully the second half is better than the first.

I may have broken some things... Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 3:43 PM EST on 1/23/2003
File Under: Site News

I've been messing around with the HTML of the site, trying to make it more compatible with non-IE browsers and funky resolutions. In the process, though, I think I may have broken a few things. As it is, everything looks perfect to me using IE6 in 1024x768, but that may not hold up for anyone using a different browser or resolution. So, if you see any funky graphical glitches on the site, or something just plain doesn't work, I'd really appreciate it if you clicked my name up there at the top of the post and left me a message describing what's wrong, as well as what browser and resolution you're running. Thanks!

Nirvana finally gets a greatest hits collection. Vex 
Posted by: Vex at 3:11 AM EST on 1/23/2003
File Under: Music -> CD Review

I can only speak from a passive-aggressive point of view. In fact, during the high point in Nirvana's career I found myself listening to such rap artists as Easy-E, Ice Cube, and Cypress Hill. At the time, I couldn't understand the appeal of a band like Nirvana. But oh, how the times do change. With rock, now the driving force behind my CD collection, it soon became apperent I was in need of a Nirvana album. Enter the greatest hits anthology, simply titled, Nirvana.

The CD is host to an array of your favorite songs, from Nevermind (smells like teen spirit, in bloom, come as you are, lithium), to In Utero (heart-shaped box, rape me, pennyroyal tea, dumb). With a few songs from the B-side collective of Incesticide (been a son, sliver), and the famed MTV Unplugged performance (all apologies, the man who sold the world). The collection also includes the song About a Girl, off of their first album Bleach. Possibly the most interesting addition to the compilation is the previously unreleased track, You Know You're Right.

As someone who never owned a Nirvana CD before this, I can easily say that the collection shines through with nothing but my favorite songs and even a few I never heard before. But to the hardcore Nirvana fan, the only song on this album I'm sure you don't own is You Know You're Right, which doesn't say much to actually purchasing the CD.

So, to anyone that is a passive fan of the group, this is a definite must have. To all the hardcore fans, I guess you just have to ask yourself how much you want that one song.

Andrew W.K. / I Get Wet: Amalgamation Of Coolness P_K 
Posted by: P_K at 9:44 AM EST on 1/22/2003
File Under: Music -> CD Quickview

For starters, I really don't know if this CD is fairly new or not since, as of today, this is the first time I've ever heard of Andrew W.K. With that said, this CD really kicks ass!

The style is hard to pin down. Somewhere between hard rock and punk is the best I can think of to describe it. Each song usually has an energy that builds up until it suddenly gets released, then the song really kicks off.

What can I say besides buy this CD? If you need to hear a sample, try looking for the title track, I Get Wet. It's the best one in my opinion. Oh and always, always play this CD LOUD. Sounds a lot better.

Impression: Really sweet hard sounding stuff here. I'm interested to hear more from Andrew W.K.

The "Phantom" game console. Vex 
Posted by: Vex at 12:40 AM EST on 1/22/2003
File Under: Games

Infinium labs announced recently that they are working on a new gaming console that will change everything we know about gaming. The "Phantom" game console boasts several features such as:

Simplicity, easy enough for a child, advanced enough for the most hard-core gamer.

Cross platform capability.

Online multiplayer gaming.

Upgrades and patch management.

Game demos and rentals.

(Here's my favorite) Games on demand subscription service.

Infinium also talks about a large amount of games already available.

Now I know, we've all heard rumors of a system like this before (cross platform capability) but one can only wonder how serious Infinium is. They plan to reveal the system sometime in March, with a release slated for November of this year.

For more information check out these sources.

[Added by Tim]
I know some people that are close to this project, and can add a few things. First of all, it's based off of PC architecture, and the thousands of games that are "already available" are simply old PC games. (I'm not sure if it will play more recent titles.) Additionally, the cross-platform compatibility is simply emulation of older systems, like the SNES and such. It may also be including TiVO functions, but that's a little unclear right now.

Also, the biggest two problems facing this system are the following: There are zero exclusive titles lined up for it, (hell, they're still looking for funding to build a limited run of prototypes) and it's not going to be sold at a loss, as most companies do with their systems. In other words, it's going to more powerful than the Xbox, and its pricetag is going to reflect that. Basically, the system is going to be an expensive home theatre PC. I give it a 1 in 10 chance of actually seeing release.
[/Added by Tim]

Animal Crossing - Video Proof of Secret Items Disa 
Posted by: Disa at 10:07 PM EST on 1/20/2003
File Under: Games -> GameCube

The Animal Crossing world has been in a buzz since the Action Replay cheat device revealed that they had codes for players to be able to get rare NES games such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. The initial evidence they provided of the games in still image format, however, was quickly put down by some to be faked even though the Action Replay website is a legitimate source.

To continue to prove that the items were obtainable, some of the Action Replay staff held a couple of contests on some message boards where the winners could send in their memory cards and have these items placed in their Animal Crossing town since the Action Replay is not yet out. As the winners got their memory cards back, they provided their own pictures of the items, but some people were still skeptical.

Today, however, Eric and I received our memory card back from Action Replay's US offices and instead of providing screenshots, we made some videos of the items in play, removing any last doubts held by some about the NES games and other items. The following link is to the two Animal Crossing videos we made which clearly show Punch-Out, Ice Climber, Super Mario Bros., and The Legend of Zelda: Animal Crossing Videos

While there is no official method for obtaining these items currently, this is still an exciting piece of news for Animal Crossing fans as it shows that there are a lot of items in the game that we still do not know about yet and have to look forward to.

Disa - Animal Crossing Reporter (and enjoying SMB) ^_^

Sega GT 2002 - Do these guys even know how to make a bad racing game? Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 12:10 AM EST on 1/17/2003
File Under: Games -> Xbox -> Quickview

Now that my super-cheap copy of the Sega GT 2002 + Jet Set Radio Future disc is here, my life outside of Sega GT 2002 has pretty much come to a halt. In the less than 36 hours since I received the game in the mail, I've already managed to log almost eight hours into it, and I am absolutely nowhere near slowing down! Hell, the best car in the game (Ford GT Concept) has just become available in the shop, and I have to save $150,000 to buy it. I've probably got another hour of gametime before I'll be able to buy that, then I'm going to have to trick it out with the best suspension, brakes, tires, turbine, intercooler, and, well... You get the idea. Then when I've got the car of my dreams, I'm still going to have to go through and complete the SS driving license test and a second season of races. Oh, and then there's the Quick Battle and Chronicle modes, too. Yeah, this game is pretty big...

Whereas Project Gotham Racing never really hooked me in with its ultra-short, overly technical courses and fairly difficult to acquire cars, Sega GT 2002 has totally made me its bitch with its lovely long, fast courses and over 100 vehicles. Hell, you can even buy Fiats! Why you would want to is beyond me, but hey, the option is there for you masochistic types. I guess that's a good thing.

On the graphical side, the game is a bit of a mixed bag. The car models are absolutely stunning and the frame rate has never dipped on me a single time, but on the other hand, the track surroundings are uninspired and those damn cardboard-cutout crowds look downright awful.

One thing in this game is consistantly beautiful, though: the handling. The original Sega GT on the Dreamcast suffered from the constant, horrible feeling that you were sliding around on ice. That has been totally fixed up in this version, and now every car handles like a dream come true - as long as you've tuned it correctly, that is. Afterall, a Viper with maxxed out horsepower is going to be hell-on-wheels if you don't have the right suspension and tires picked out.

Speaking of tuning, that's one area where this game falls short. All you can really do is select parts to put on your car and adjust a few things like the stiffness of your suspension, tire camber, and boost pressure. Where did the option to individually tune your gear-ratios from the original Sega GT go? I'm hardly a gearhead, so this doesn't bother me much, but I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who want to get into the nitty gritty with every little detail on their cars, but they just won't be able to.

Outside of customization, the only other major complaint I have about the game is a lack of tracks. There are really only a few that get recycled over and over again. I need more variety! Anyway, more on all this, along with a final recommendation, in my full review. I should get around to that in, oh, I don't know... Let's just say "eventually."

Initial Vibe: This game is flat-out fun. There may not be as many cars and tracks as Gran Turismo 3, but it has still managed to suck me right in. It has some flaws so far, but I'm still enjoying it.


Soul Calibur 2 Alan 
Posted by: Alan at 12:08 AM EST on 1/16/2003
File Under: Games -> GameCube

I played the original version for months upon months on the Dreamcast and the arcade, and I'm so excited for this...

I'm going with the Cube version (only system I have) but would have regardless. It's Link for christsakes...

New console-exclusive Soul Calibur 2 characters! Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 12:46 AM EST on 1/15/2003
File Under: Games

I think just about everyone knows that the original Soul Calibur is one of the best damned fighting games ever, so it wouldn't take much to sell about a bajillion copies of its sequel, considering its being released on each the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. That being said, Namco has still managed to one-up itself by revealing not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new characters exclusive to the console versions. The catch? Only two of the characters will be in each version... And every last one of them is cool, so how is someone like me, who owns all three systems, supposed to choose which version to get? ARGH!

As it stands now, all three versions will have the new Necrid character, plus one platform-exclusive character. You're not going to believe who they picked, either! Check it out:

All Systems: First off, Necrid, who will be appearing in all three console releases.

PlayStation 2: Hey, it's Heihachi of Tekken fame! Cool!

Xbox: What the? Spawn? That's a bit out of Namco's universe, but still way cool...

GameCube: And finally, Link. Yes, fucking Link! Just when we had all given up on that rumor, BAM! It comes true! *drool*

So, which version are you guys getting? I'm leaning towards GameCube since, well... It's LINK in a real fighting game, not Smash Bros! I have a feeling that GC controller is going to be bliss for Soul Calibur, too.

Oh, and before you ask, these are NOT fake. They came from Namco's official Japanese site. Click the links to see for yourself.

Stupid DSL.. Alan 
Posted by: Alan at 7:28 PM EST on 1/14/2003
File Under: Misc Tech -> Computers

Did you ever upgrade from the 56K world to the high speed world? I did a few months ago (almost a year). My first PC had a 20 gig hard drive. I filled 8 of those. Over a year.

My new PC has a 80 gig HD and I have over 40 gigs filled up already...

So now I must go out and buy a new hard drive. I'm thinking a Western Digital but I have no idea of how big I'm going to get. I'm thinking of just getting a 60 gig dedicated media drive...

Today's quote: Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker

Yet another introduction Karyn 
Posted by: Karyn at 9:35 AM EST on 1/14/2003
File Under: Site News

I guess I'm the only unknown person here, so I should probably give myself a nice intro and hope for the best.

Name: Karyn (obviously)
School: Purdue University, in pharmacy
Game played most often: Starfox (N64)
Current game: Super Mario Sunshine (GC)
Connection to Tim: Coworker, and one of my best friends
Books read too many times to count: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, Insomnia by Stephen King, The Giver by Lois Lowry
Favorite Movie (this week): The Two Towers
Vice I am unable to give up: Ben & Jerry's Half Baked
Drink of choice: Mike's Hard Lemonade and/or screwdrivers

So there it is folks, and it's nice to meet you all. I'm proud to be with such a prestigious and of course, award-winning website. I hope you can learn to tolerate me just as much as Tim has. By the way, I'm glad to not be the only girl around here, Disa!

Comments on the new "award." Vex 
Posted by: Vex at 3:04 AM EST on 1/14/2003
File Under: Site News

All I can really say is, if it drags Alan out of his drunken hole for more than five minutes (or drag me out of my own drunken hole for that matter), then I think we all owe Alfredo a HUGE debt of gratitude.

Thanks buddy, for freeing up a piece of your precious time away from that pleasuring "manfriend" you keep talking about, and using it to drop off those cute little comments along with that adorable little banner of yours. But most of all, thank you for just being yourself, and helping me feel, that much better about my own life.

Thanks kid, we all needed a good laugh.

Wow Alan 
Posted by: Alan at 9:28 PM EST on 1/13/2003
File Under: Site News

Me and Jack Daniels are proud we won an award.

I'd like to thank my fellow nominees... FOR LOSING! James 
Posted by: James at 3:40 PM EST on 1/13/2003
File Under: Site News

Award winning?! I donít know what to say! I mean this is truly the greatest day of my life! Also on a side note, the new poll simply CANíT be answered. I mean just LOOK at it!

Welcome to the Award Winning TechiE/N! Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 2:22 PM EST on 1/13/2003
File Under: Site News

It is my pleasure to announce that TechiE/N is now the Award Winning TechiE/N! That's right, some guy who calls himself Alfredo left me the following message:

Hello, my name is Alfredo. I have play video game for many day. I run a very popolar site. I do no feel your site is of much quality so I send you my seal of disapproval which you need to put on your site. If you wish to receive award contact me.

So of course I e-mailed him back to get my award! I mean, WHO WOULDN'T???

Hah, awesome! I'm happy to accept your seal of disapproval, and can't wait to display it on my site. (No, seriously, that'd be pretty cool and funny.)

Awaiting my award with baited breath,

Here is the glory that awaited me in my Inbox today when I returned from class. Isn't it beautiful?

It is no funny it is real

You can even click the award for a look at his wonderful site, which is home to such enlightening information as this:

october 17-i update again! sorry for no news, loyal fans, but i been in the french foreign legion and have met a manfriend. i think he better then any of you, you no pleasure the antoine. to learn of me, i have made new page, as well as something i worked on in the legion. enjoy, loyal sycophants!

Actually, that's kinda scary... But anyway, from here on out, anytime you refer to TechiE/N, you MUST use the term "Award Winning TechiE/N" or we'll have to lawyer the fuck out of you for improper use of corporate trademarks. We here at the Award Winning TechiE/N have excellent attorneys. In fact, they're Award Winning attorneys!

You know, this Xbox isn't so bad... Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 2:04 PM EST on 1/13/2003
File Under: Games -> Xbox

One of my very first posts to this site, about six months ago, was me complaining that my Xbox was just taking up space under the bed. Now, I'm happy to say that I'm actually getting some good use out of it. In fact, look what I'm getting! Two Sega games for $16.50? Nice...

Yeah, I know, back when Jet Set Radio Future came out, I bitched about the original JSR and how completely not fun it was. Well, someone told me they got rid of those damned cops and time limits, which were the two things that made me hate JSR so much, so now I'm actually looking forward to playing it. And, as a proud owner of Sega GT for the Dreamcast (and a racing game nut) I'm actually pretty excited about playing its Xbox sequel.

With these games, TimeSplitters 2, Moto GP online with Xbox Live, and my new Type S controller, I'm actually having some fun with my Xbox for once! *gasp* Now I just have to get it modded so I can emulate all those great SNES games...

Guess Who's Back? Alan 
Posted by: Alan at 12:47 AM EST on 1/13/2003
File Under: Site News

I've been hanging out with these guys for what seems like an enternity. I've known Tim for going on... 2 or 3 years now? Damn Tim, has it really been THAT long?

I've run with Tim thru all his internet wanderings. DCPower. Gaming Infinity. The last techien site.. you name it, I've been there..

This one seems a little differnet as I'm allowed to post while I'm intoxicated, which is a good thing.

Well, I'm sure you'll here more from my Nintendo Loving, MS Hating self later.

PK: "To me it's just a big and disgusting thing." P_K 
Posted by: P_K at 12:12 AM EST on 1/13/2003
File Under: Site News

Howdy folks. I'm another "newbie" here, though I've kind of clung on with this crowd for a while. Most people call me "PK" which is fine by me. If you must know, my real name is Adam. I love games.. My favorite stuff is almost always from Sega. That's most likely because Sonic T. Hedgehog was the man (hedgehog?) to get me hooked on games in the first place.

The only system I have right now is a GameCube. I love it dearly and my current favorite game is Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II. So expect to hear all sorts of ranting about that game from me.

Hmmm.. how should I end this? Um...

New member. Vex 
Posted by: Vex at 8:31 PM EST on 1/12/2003
File Under: Site News

In the spirit of Disa's own introduction, i'll take my first post as a chance to let everyone know a little about myself.

Screen names: Greydragon (sometimes just grey), Jacob the dirty priest.

Interests: Anything videogame related (with the exception of PC games), many many other "things." You'll see, if you stick around long enough.

Current games in motion: Parasite Eve 2 (PSX), Phantasy Star Online (DC), Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube).

Epilogue: I'd like to thank Tim for giving me the spot on his team (a.k.a "community"). Only after countless hours of my bitching and whining about how no one takes me seriously anymore. (Actually, you can pretty much just picture Tim handing out spots like a stranger with good candy, and me as the chubby little boy with a hunger for sugar and attention.)

Anyway, thanks Tim. So to all the readers out there, and to the millions more on their way, I won't drive a bunch of overblown notions of great subject matter into your heads. I won't even promise to bring you updated material on a regular basis. However, I will promise you this,


Me and old Timmy boy talked it over, and we both decided that if you really want it that badly, you're just going to have to pay for it like everyone else.

Yea, that's about it for now.

Oh, by the way, word goes out to James and his attempt to turn you people on to Farscape. It's a good show, so my advice to you would be, turn off the "survivor," or "Joe millionaire," or whatever piece of crap you got going there and head over to the SCI-Fi channel. You might just figure out why others are trying to save this show.


This is what TechiE/N will be... Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 5:59 PM EST on 1/12/2003
File Under: Site News

Recently, I asked for opinions from readers regarding whether or not there would be any actual interest in me expanding and further developing this site. I was considering actually trying to make something of it, and wanted to know if there was any real interest in a sort of laid-back, slightly off-center site like this. I didn't get much response, (since readership is still pretty low) but I decided "Screw it, I'm doing it anyway... Because I want to." Besides, I had what I think is a great idea for how the site should be run.

Basically, I'm trying to make TechiE/N a sort of small-community run site consisting of several people I already know, and both trust and enjoy the opinions of. Additionally, everyone is encouraged to write whatever they want without any real requirements, style guidelines, or deadlines. If someone wants to post tech news, they can, if they want to write a couple paragraphs about a game or DVD they just got, they can, if they want to rant about something, they can. It will all primarily be tech related, but there's a "Whatever" category for anything else.

I think this will be awesome, because we're all experts on something that's tech related - whether it be a specific game like PSO or Animal Crossing, a specific game system, DVDs, computers, or home theatre in general. (BTW, I'm also considering adding Anime and TV categories. (Edit: I've already gone ahead and added them.)

Letting people write about what they like will give us an incredibly broad spectrum of topics, all covered by people who really know what they're talking about. That, in turn, should provide an incredibly informative site for all you readers. Combine that with our lax structure, and you should find it fun to read, too!

Save Farscape James 
Posted by: James at 9:23 AM EST on 1/12/2003
File Under: Whatever

I figured this would be a decent subject for my first post here, so here goes. As some of you reading may or may not know, the show Farscape on the Sci Fi channel was canceled last September. Now normally this would just come and go, but things just werenít right with this. Specifically Sci Fi had put Farscape down for 2 more seasons, they were that proud of its success. Now the second season 4 is done taping, they cut the cord. So thereís still one more season that was promised that will never see the light of day. Sci Fi stated poor ratings and rising production costs as the factor in it being canceled.

So what follows? Something you rarely see in such an event. A literal army of Farscape fans has gone the extra mile to make sure there show doesnít get canned. Everything from press events, to raising money for fan made Farscape ads across TV, radio, and other media outlets. See currently Season 4 is only half aired, and is currently going over its final run. The fans plan is to get as many new viewers into Farscape as possible, in an effort to get Sci Fi to put up for a 5th season. Theyíre also trying to gain the attention of other networks, in a very professional manner.

I myself am a Farscape fan, and have been lightly supporting this effort. I ask that you check out for more info.

New Faces at TechiE/N Disa 
Posted by: Disa at 8:35 PM EST on 1/11/2003
File Under: Site News

With the direction that TechiE/N is beginning to take, you'll soon be seeing some new contributing members. I'm sure you are wondering 'Who are all these new guys?' Well to be honest, even I don't know who all is on the new staff yet, but I do know who I am, so I thought I'd take this chance to introduce myself.

Screen Name: Disa
Real Name: Amanda
Majoring In: Computer Science and Programming
Background and Interests: I've been into gaming for ages now and I've been interested in game programming for almost as long. I have played on just about every gaming platform since the Atari 2600. I also enjoy anime, manga, movies, music, graphics design, writing fantasy stories, drawing, and origami, amongst other things.
Current Life Consumption: Animal Crossing(GC) and Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 & 2(GC)
Currently Watching - Anime: Card Captor Sakura and Kodomo No Omocha
Currently Watching - Movies: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
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I'm glad to be part of the TechiE/N team and I hope to contribute to the site in the way of reviews, articles, and possibly trying to set up some gaming related events. I look forward to working here and I hope you'll look forward to my articles. ^_^

Mario Party 4: Testing the thumb-speed of GameCube owners everywhere Karyn 
Posted by: Karyn at 10:25 PM EST on 1/10/2003
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So, we're having a sort of drinking/relaxing/gaming party at my apartment soon, and my roommate and I figure that, hey, we should rent Mario Party 4! My GameCube needs its exercise anyway. I've been playing the game off and on all day (mainly because I plan to kick everyone's asses) and honestly, my impressions are not all that positive. If you've ever played any of the other Mario Parties, it's basically the same thing, with different games and a couple of different characters.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a sucker for all things Mario, and this certainly gives an outlet for that, what with all of the bad guys and good guys that show up and the "presents" you get after completing a board on one player mode. So far I have Daisy's table, a refrigerator, and a blow-up doll of Mario to go in each character's little house. After you get them, you get to go into the present room and... look at them, I guess. Contemplate their beauty. They're not the most useful things in the world. It's kind of neat to see what you get every time, though.

I suppose I should wait until playing it with 3 other humans to completely judge the game, but I can say that playing the computer characters is NOT fun. They're either too easy or too hard, and I swear that they cheat. When playing with my roommate against 2 computer characters it was tolerable, but there was still that feeling of 'humans vs. computers'. I want to play with 3 other people so that I can beat up on everybody else without feeling guilty!

As far as the boards and mini-games go, they're actually pretty fun. A couple of the boards are bitchy to get where you want to go, but there's all sorts of ghost trains and dolphins, not to mention some amusing board moderator characters. I liked most of the mini-games too, even though it's pretty typical who-can-tap-this-button-the-fastest stuff. God was merciful, however, and didn't put in any of those stupid games where you have to move the control stick in a circle quickly and end up wearing a hole in your hand. Despite this, there was one game I absolutely despised. The activity is one in which you swim at the "Manta Rings" (a la Super Mario 64) and the control stick is NOT INVERTED. I hate that more than anything in the world because that means I'm swimming into the ceiling or the floor for the whole game. I have yet to win or even get second on that mini-game.

In conclusion: It's an okay game, good to have on hand if you think you're going to have some people around who want to play a semi-competitive game that's not too challenging and doesn't involve splattering blood all over the walls (read: girls). Still, it's not a game you're going to want to play by yourself, and for bloodthirstier competitors, there's Bond, or Timesplitters or Halo or whatever. If you really need a Mario fix, get Melee or something.

Deciding the future Tim 
Posted by: Tim at 9:50 PM EST on 1/6/2003
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If you're reading this, please vote in the poll to the left! Thank you!

I'm trying to decide what to do with this site. On one hand, it's always nice to have a site to tinker around with whenever I feel like it, but what's the point if nobody is going to see it? So, what I want to know is whether or not this site is something that might interest you and lead you to regularly visit if I actually updated on a somewhat daily basis.

Basically, I want to know if trying to make this site fairly popular would be worth the effort. So, vote in the poll! Or, if you want to say something more, leave me a message!

Oh, and here are the results from the last one, if anybody cares:

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